The Ultimate Web Design Gallery Resource

By John Faulds

Update 18th June 2012: This article has been updated since it was first written with a lot of information removed. See below for the reasons.

In case you haven't noticed lately, there a LOT of web design galleries out there. I'd always kept bookmarks for the galleries I'd come across but recently while looking at one I noticed links to a lot of galleries that I hadn't heard of before. So I thought it might be worthwhile to investigate just how many there were out there. I came across a few blog posts with links to galleries but rather than just adding to the list and then publishing it, I thought I'd do a bit more investigation and analysis.

Visit the Galleries

What I've come up with is a table of web design galleries from around the world and in a variety of languages.

For each gallery I've noted where it's based, it's language and the CMS that's being used to run it (where I've been able to identify it). When this article was first published, I had also recorded various other bits of information like Google PageRank, Alexa traffic, how many sites were listed and whether it was running ads and this information was automatically updated by a couple of scripts run by CRON jobs on a regular schedule.

Over time, these scripts have either stopped working altogether or haven't been working as effectively due to changes in the APIs of the services they were accessing, and I haven't gotten around to updating them. So the information is a bit more basic than what it used to be. I may do something a bit more with it in the future, like enabling people to submit galleries that aren't included, but that's something for the drawing board.

This is a first post on the subject of web design galleries. In a second part, I ask some owners of galleries about their experiences running a gallery and get some opinions from SEOs about the current trend which has seen so many galleries emerge.