Brisbane District Golf Association

The Brief

The Brisbane District Golf Association (BDGA) hosts individual and pennants events for players in the Brisbane area and they needed a system to manage their events, let participating clubs enter their own results, and players register for events and manage their listings.

Previously everything was done on paper and by fax with the chance for errors to slip in at various points in the chain high with repeated updates to results sheets required.

The BDGA wanted a system where players would create their own profiles and keep their own details up to date, clubs would enter their own results, and payments for event registration could be taken online.

The site also needed to display all the individual and pennant events results in a easy-to-read, and user-friendly format.

The Result

Being such a data-heavy site with so much interaction required from site visitors with a variety of forms on both the front and back-end to fill out, we turned to ExpressionEngine, our go-to Content Management System (CMS) for the job.

Aside from the detailed planning with the BDGA about the exact requirements for the site including wireframes and prototypes and custom design, the site also required extensive custom functionality to be built, not only to enable getting the data into the system in the first place, but also to then extract it again for display in the correct format on the site.

With such a large spread of ages involved in playing golf, the process of creating a member profile, signing up for events and paying registration fees needed to be made as smooth as possible.

The result is a site that has greatly reduced the workload of BDGA staff in managing their events while presenting the information to the players in a usable, attractive fashion.

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