The Brief

LearnerScore is a behaviour management system which provides teachers with a framework to reward students for demonstrating positive behaviours.

The LearnerScore system:

  • uses Achievements to provide instantaneous feedback on student behaviour across a range of areas, including homework, attendance, attitude and academic effort
  • provides students with instant gratification when an Achievement is earned
  • provides students with delayed gratification in the form of Level rewards, earned only after consistent and considerable effort
  • allows teachers to quickly and easily track and report on students’ behaviour, attendance, engagement and attitude.

Having already been implemented in several Queensland schools in an offline format, with paper and charts, LearnerScore came to us to create a web application implementation of the system.

The Result

Working closely with the system's creators and outside designers, we created a web application that matched the features of the existing offilne system.

Site administrators can add schools to the system and invite school teachers or other staff to be administrators for their school.

After logging in, those school administrators can then add teachers to the system.

And then in turn, those teachers can add their own classes and then assign students and achievements to them.

From their dashboard, teachers can add and edit classes, students and achievements, as well as tracking the progress of all the students in each class.

Students have their own dashboard from which they can see how they're performing in each class and can compare their progress with other students in the class, in the wider school, and against students from every school involved in the LearnerScore system.

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