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The Brief

AdventureFree run a stable of websites – ExtremeFree, FraserFree, OutbackFree, ReefFree and WhaleFree – offering different types of tours in Australia which undergo constant updates and improvements. The sites run on ExpressionEngine and they needed a local partner with experience with the CMS.

The Result

I've helped AdventureFree roll out several new features across all their sites, performed CMS and add-on upgrades, fixed bugs, written custom add-ons, worked on improving page loading times, helped with a server migration, helped with publishing workflow, created custom SEO tools, and provided general advice on ways to improve site performance and visitor satisfaction.

The Feedback

John and his team work in a slightly different way to other developers that works really well for us. John provides technical feature solutions and allows us to roll these out across websites ourselves using our in-house webmaster.

This method of working means solutions that were previously not viable are being built out, and this keeps him focused on where he produces the most value, and his next job becomes getting on to the next feature.

John also remains conscious of the value of projects for their intended outcomes and keeps them on time and and on budget, and not overspecced.

Matt Geldard

Project images
AdventureFree website screenshot
AdventureFree mobile website screenshot
AdventureFree website screenshot
AdventureFree website screenshot
AdventureFree website screenshot
AdventureFree website screenshot

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