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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information provided on this site, however, Tyssen Design cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. Tyssen Design is not liable for loss or liability arising from errors, omissions, inaccuracies or any out-of-date information displayed on this site or any link to other sites from this site.

Copyright issues

The text, styles, graphics and logos featured on this site are copyrighted and belong to Tyssen Design. Permission is required if you wish to use any of the text or images that appear on this site. Please get in contact if you seek permission of this kind.

The markup (HTML and CSS) of this website may be used as a base or inspiration for your own projects, but the combination of images, colors, sizes, typography, and positioning is copyright Tyssen Design and may not be reproduced.

All articles and tutorials on this website, unless otherwise noted, are published under a Creative Commons License.

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Privacy policy

When you visit this site, certain information is collected by the web server - your internet protocol or IP address, the browser used and time of visit for instance. No personal information is collected.

Personal information is only collected if you fill out the contact form or leave a comment on one of the articles and this is treated as completely confidential and is never sold, leased, rented, given away, or in any way shared with a third party or used for any other purpose.