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Strata Blocks

The Brief

Strata Blocks is an AI-powered navigator for strata managers to obtain information. The client came to me with a ChatGPT implementation for looking up strata information already built. They needed a public-facing website so that people could interact with the AI after creating accounts and logging in. As well as recording the questions site visitors were asking, the site also needed to be able let site users send feedback about the answers they were receiving to their strata questions so that site owners could work on improving the product.

The Result

The client provided their own designs for this project while I provided the web development, both the front-end coding and integration with the chosen CMS which was Craft in this case. With Craft, it was easy for site visitor's questions to be stored in the site's database and for the feedback responses also to be recorded. The project actually went through two different phases: an initial minimum viable product site was created first, followed by a more complete version a short time later.

Project images

The Strata Blocks home page
Strata Blocks website screenshot
Site visitors sign up for an account to be able to use the AI
Strata Blocks website screenshot
Once logged in, they can ask their strata-related questions
Strata Blocks website screenshot