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Brisbane District Golf Association

The Brief

The Brisbane District Golf Association (BDGA) hosts individual and pennants events for players in the Brisbane area. I first got involved with the BDGA in 2010 when I redesigned and rebuilt their site with an events management system that also allowed for members to register and pay for events through the website. Members were able to update their own profiles and clubs were able to enter their own results. Due to the demanding nature of the content requirements, the site was built on the ExpressionEngine (EE) Content Management System.

Over time, the association moved over to a third-party events management system and didn't require all of the features that they'd previously been using. So for this project, they were looking for a fresh look, to make the site more mobile-friendly, and an updated CMS.

The Result

The new design still makes use of the red and green in the BDGA's logo and the same fonts used on the previous design but has a much lighter, more spacious feel to it. The site also uses TailwindCSS which I've been using on all my site builds for some time now.

As the content requirements weren't as demanding as for the previous incarnation of the site, I decided to transition the site away from ExpressionEngine to ProcessWire. I'ved both ExpressionEngine and ProcessWire for many sites but find ProcessWire is often a better choice for smaller sites with simpler data structures.

Project images

The BDGA home page
Brisbane District Golf Association website screenshot
Results from the current pennants season are entered into the CMS
Brisbane District Golf Association website screenshot
Some of the clubs affiliated with the association
Brisbane District Golf Association website screenshot