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ExpressionEngine (EE) is one of the most flexible, feature-rich systems available. Besides an impressive list of default features, ExpressionEngine can also be extended and upgraded with a variety of extensions, modules and plugins.

I've been using ExpressionEngine for more than 15 years and in that time have used it on a variety of different sites. Those sites have included blogs, listings, calendars, timetables, photo galleries, mailing lists, password-protected areas, directories, and online stores.

But the best feature of ExpressionEngine is its ability to be customised to each individual site’s needs. Both the public website and administration control panel can be customised to handle different types of content, so ExpressionEngine is the ideal solution for most small- to medium-sized web publishing requirements.

ExpressionEngine services for creative agencies

As well as using ExpressionEngine as the CMS for many clients' sites, I also provide ExpressionEngine web development services – installation, theming and customisation – for other creative agencies in Queensland, Australia, and overseas.

Some of the agencies I've provided ExpressionEngine services for include AdCorp, Evolution7, Evok Advertising, and Ten Creative.