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E-commerce (Shopping Carts)

E-commerce is big business, and only getting bigger. E-commerce revenue is projected to reach $US37 billion in 2023 with an annual growth rate of 9.74$ (source). With numbers like that, the benefits of selling online are obvious, and if you want to sell products or services online, you will need an e-commerce solution, more commonly known as a ‘shopping cart’.

There are many to choose from offering a variety of features and functionality. There are also other things to consider like secure certificates, merchant accounts, payment gateways and integration with accounting software packages.

Online store features

E-commerce sites can have a variety of different features. Just some of those that we can design and build for you include:

  • complex product variations with optional price modifiers
  • create discounts which can be restricted by use limit, date, or per-user limit, and can apply a fixed or percentage discount, or give free shipping
  • inventory or stock control and tracking
  • easily manage ’for sale‘ items with start and end dates
  • support for secure downloadable products
  • accept donations
  • send gift cards
  • sell subscriptions
  • product bundles
  • shopper wishlists
  • flexible search - by price, category, size, colour, etc.
  • members’ area with order history
  • user reviews and ratings
  • interactive sales reports
  • custom email templates for site admins and customers
  • a variety of shipping and handling methods
  • different tax rates for different regions

I have built e-commerce sites using Shopify, ExpressionEngine, and Snipcart and have the experience to help you choose the right solution for your business and to advise on the other things required to become an internet seller.

I can set up your online store for you, integrate it into a custom design, populate the store with your products and provide training for you to be able to manage the store yourself.

E-commerce (Shopping Carts) projects

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