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Accessibility Articles

When to use display: none

By John Faulds /

If you're interested in website accessibility best practices, you might have come across warnings against using display: none to hide content that you don't want to appear on screen. The argument is that content hidden with display: none can't be accessed by people using screen readers, and the recommended solution is to position the content offscreen instead using a large negative position (let's call this the offset method). But this shouldn't be a hard and fast rule for all situations. There are some situations for which using display: none will be acceptable.

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Tools for checking website accessibility

By John Faulds /

Following on from my last post in which I mentioned screenreaders (or alternatives) that people might like to try for checking their own sites' accessibilty, and an earlier post in which I listed the extensions I use for web development with Firefox, I thought I'd also list the different tools I use for testing website accessibility.

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