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Relaunch Special

By John Faulds /

To celebrate the relaunch of the site, we're running a special during September. Anyone who books any type of work, whether it be some site maintenance or updates, a redesign, or a completely new site (feel free to pass the message on to people you know as well) before the end of September will receive a 20% discount (up to a maximum of $500).*

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Have you done something different with the place?

By John Faulds /

Why yes we have, thanks for noticing. After about six years, several attempts including a couple of false starts, and some that only got part of the job done, this site has finally been redesigned. Tyssen Design is now in its third incarnation since having first launched in 2005 (you can see screenshots of the previous two versions below), and the biggest changes are making the site mobile friendly (which has come to be known as Responsive Web Design), completely overhauling and enhacing the portfolio, pushing the boundaries of what can be done with CSS instead of images, and finally making the whole thing run on ExpressionEngine (EE).

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I’ve got a new blog!

By John Faulds /

It's been a while since I wrote anything on this blog and it's possible that this may be the last post here because from now on I intend to do most of my writing at my new blog. This site is due for a redesign but the first part in that strategy involved setting up a new site. If that doesn't make much sense, please read the first post on the new site in which I explain my reasoning.

I'm not ruling out entirely ever writing articles on this site in the future, but it won't be until after the site has been redesigned and I don't have an exact timeline for that right now. So in the meantime, if you've bookmarked or subscribed to the feed for this site, you might like to do the same for the new one too.