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The Ultimate Web Design Gallery Resource

By John Faulds

Update 18th June 2012: This article has been updated since it was first written with a lot of information removed. See below for the reasons.

In case you haven't noticed lately, there a LOT of web design galleries out there. I'd always kept bookmarks for the galleries I'd come across but recently while looking at one I noticed links to a lot of galleries that I hadn't heard of before. So I thought it might be worthwhile to investigate just how many there were out there. I came across a few blog posts with links to galleries but rather than just adding to the list and then publishing it, I thought I'd do a bit more investigation and analysis.

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My website’s broken!

By John Faulds

A furore has erupted over the past couple of days within a section of the web development community over a decision by Microsoft to require web developers to add a meta tag to their pages to define what version of Internet Explorer a site has been designed for. I'm not going to go into the pros and cons of this decision as it's been comprehensively covered elsewhere.

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How thinking about your website can benefit your business

By John Faulds

I recently had a discussion with a client that I'd already produced a template for who said they wanted to change the primary navigation items at the top of each page. As the site hadn't gone live yet (they were producing it themselves – I'd simply done the graphic and template design for them), I didn't see much problem with fulfilling their request. But it was a two-part request and the part that raised a warning flag for me was that they wanted the navigation to be flexible enough for them to be able to make further changes easily at some point in the future.

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