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First-letter bugginess

By John Faulds /

Recently I made some changes to the typography of subheadings on this site: I made them all uppercase and for the h2s I used the first-letter pseudo class to give the first letter a larger font-size (150%). I didn't notice at first however that Firefox does something weird to elements with first-letter applied if that element is wrapped around an anchor.

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Rescinding the reset

By John Faulds /

For a while now I've been using some sort of 'reset' for my stylesheets. At first it was the global reset which involves zeroing out padding and margins on all elements by with the universal selector, e.g., * { margin: 0; padding: 0 }. Later I read about the problems this can cause for form elements and so have been using Eric Meyer's Reset CSS.

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TinyMCE problem with ExpressionEngine in Firefox

By John Faulds /

I just encountered a problem installing the TinyMCE editor on an install of ExpressionEngine – all the files were uploaded correctly and the extension to get it working in ExpressionEngine was uploaded and properly activated, but the editor wouldn't appear in Firefox 2 (other browsers were fine).

I found the solution to the problem at Tis How I Code. There's also some further discussion of the issue on the Moxiecode forum.

Will the ‘semantic web’ see XHTML finally supercede HTML?

By John Faulds /

Theres' been a bit of news recently about the 'semantic web' (or data web) with Yahoo! announcing that their new Search Open Ecosystem will support semantic web standards, thereby providing a far richer and more useful search experience. Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the Internet, even believes that the rise of the semantic web could see the wane of Google.

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Legends of Style Revised

By John Faulds /

When I wrote the original article on how to achieve cross-browser consistency when styling form legends, I noted that there was a bug in the way Firefox handled legends which required an additional div to be wrapped around the fieldset with positioning and other styling applied to the div rather than the fieldset. The bug appears to still have not been resolved, but as Thierry Koblenz pointed out in the comments on the original article, there is a way to achieve the same effect across browsers that doesn't require the additional div.

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HTML/CSS newbie FAQs

By John Faulds /

After spending a while on web development forums, you start to see the same questions being asked regularly. So here I'm going to answer some of these common beginner questions and hopefully save me typing answers out repeatedly in the future because I can just refer the poster to here or copy it myself. 😉

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My website’s broken!

By John Faulds /

A furore has erupted over the past couple of days within a section of the web development community over a decision by Microsoft to require web developers to add a meta tag to their pages to define what version of Internet Explorer a site has been designed for. I'm not going to go into the pros and cons of this decision as it's been comprehensively covered elsewhere.

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How thinking about your website can benefit your business

By John Faulds /

I recently had a discussion with a client that I'd already produced a template for who said they wanted to change the primary navigation items at the top of each page. As the site hadn't gone live yet (they were producing it themselves – I'd simply done the graphic and template design for them), I didn't see much problem with fulfilling their request. But it was a two-part request and the part that raised a warning flag for me was that they wanted the navigation to be flexible enough for them to be able to make further changes easily at some point in the future.

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